Part 5: The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine for Beautiful Skin

Part 5: The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine for Beautiful Skin

Newsflash: you can’t stop your skin from ageing.

As the body’s production of collagen starts to decline from the age of 25, your skin naturally changes in appearance and structure.

However, if you take some time to care for your skin every day, you can help prevent or minimise the signs of ageing.

From exfoliating away dead skin cells to applying night cream that smooths out wrinkles, read on to find out the best anti-ageing skincare routine for beautiful skin.


1. Wash Your Face With a Cream Cleanser

First things first, wash your face twice a day to eliminate dirt and excess oil.

But don’t just use any cleanser — opt for a gentle cream cleanser with a low pH as opposed to a foaming one with a high pH.

Why? Well, as the skin matures, it loses moisture, natural oils and nutrients. To combat this, cream cleansers are more nourishing, hydrating and actively preserve your skin barrier.


2. Moisturise After Cleansing

Once you’ve cleansed morning and night, follow up with an anti-aging moisturiser to trap water in the skin cells. This could be in the form of a cream or a serum.

Either way, look for ingredients such as antioxidants (like Vitamin C) and cell regulators (like retinol) that aim to increase the collagen in your skin.

The result? A face that feels softer and looks a lot more supple.

Do you have especially dry skin? Consider applying a drop of facial oil before your moisturiser. This will rebuild elasticity, even out your complexion and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.


3. Exfoliate Once a Week

Exfoliation is an important part of an anti-aging skincare routine for getting rid of dead skin. After all, as you get older, these cells aren’t replaced by fresh ones as quickly, often resulting in a dull, uneven skin tone.

Use a chemical exfoliant once a week to remedy this.

Having said that, be sure to avoid physical exfoliants (like sugar scrubs or beaded cleansers) as these can cause stinging, burning and sagging. Not cool.


4. Apply Anti-Ageing Eye Serum

Don’t forget to look after your eye area! It needs some attention too, especially because the skin around your eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of your face.

An anti-aging eye cream or serum primarily targets dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, or even those pesky under-eye bags.

Use this product morning and night around your entire eye area to give new meaning to the lyric: “turn around, bright eyes.”


5. Use Wrinkle Cream at Night

Finally, once you’ve removed your makeup at night, the final step in your anti-ageing skincare routine is to apply a wrinkle cream.

How come, you ask? Well, the body repairs and refreshes itself while you’re sleeping. Make the most of this time by wearing a product that has anti-wrinkle properties and is formulated to provide long-lasting hydration.

And then you’ll really be able to tell the difference come morning.


Being Consistent With Your Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

The truth is: you’re never too young to start implementing anti-ageing techniques, including a beneficial daily skincare routine.

And seen as though the sun is often the biggest cause of premature ageing, always remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ whenever you’re exposed.

You also need to be consistent with your anti-ageing skincare routine. After all, this is the ultimate secret to younger-looking skin.