Cutting-Edge Trends of the Anti-Ageing Movement Part 1: Red Light Therapy

Cutting-Edge Trends of the Anti-Ageing Movement Part 1: Red Light Therapy

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“Anti-ageing” is a term that we’ve all heard of before. It’s been around for a long time, referring to methods, products and treatments that can slow down the effects of skin ageing. 

From chemical peels to anti-wrinkle eye creams and lifestyle changes, there are already some popular anti-aging remedies on the market.

That said, the beauty world is constantly committed to finding new and innovative ways of increasing “anti-ageing” results.

After all, technology is always improving, and the demand for firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking complexion just continues to grow.

But what are some of these cutting-edge trends in the anti-aging movement? Well, this blog post series aims to identify five of them and analyse whether they’re worth getting on board with.

Today, we’re going to start with Red Light Therapy.


What is Red Light Therapy?

Firstly, what is Red Light Therapy (RLT)?

Well, it’s a treatment that uses low-level wavelength red light to minimise the signs of ageing, including wrinkles and age spots.

Even though there is some evidence to support this, RLT is still considered experimental. That’s why it’s important to consult your doctor if you’re unsure whether this treatment is a good idea for you.


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

When your body is exposed to Red Light Therapy, it produces a biochemical effect that’s absorbed by the cells. This then increases a cell’s energy level, thus improving its functionality and repairing any damage. 

That’s why this treatment is primarily recommended to those with skin issues, like scars and wounds.

However, the fact that it also increases healthy cellular activity means it’s become a popular anti-ageing method.

How come, you ask? Well, it protects existing collagen, for one.

Collagen is the protein found in your body that gives your skin its elasticity. And because its production begins declining from the age of 25, your skin will change dramatically in appearance and structure as you get older.

RLT can combat this by stimulating new collagen in your cells, which has extremely positive outcomes (but more on this in the next section!).

And since the wavelengths can penetrate the skin deeply (up to ten millimetres to be exact), RLT is much more effective than the average anti-ageing treatment, such as anti-wrinkle serum for example.

That said, nothing is stopping you from using a combination of anti-ageing treatments to increase your chances of seeing results.


What Are the Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy for Skin Health? 

Red Light Therapy can benefit and rejuvenate the skin in the following ways.


1.   It Improves Your Skin Texture

As well as boosting the production of collagen in your skin cells, RLT can increase fibroblast production. This helps to boost the circulation between your blood and tissue cells, produce other helpful tissue fibres and protect your cells from damage.

The result? An improved facial texture that is healthier and more hydrated, thus eliminating any previous dryness and roughness.

2. It Improves Your Skin Tone

In addition to improving your skin texture, RLT is effective at reducing the appearance of ageing spots and discolouration.

This produces more of an even tone, which means you can say goodbye to dull and leathery-looking skin and hello to a brighter, smoother-looking complexion.


3. It Reduces Your Pore Size 

Speaking of improved facial texture, RLT can decrease the size of your pores and reduce any signs of inflammation.

Consequently, your skin will look clearer, firmer and tighter.


4. It Minimises Wrinkles

Thanks to RLT and improved facial texture, any wrinkles and fine lines you had previously can reduce significantly in severity.

Although, keep in mind that RLT isn’t a magic cure; therefore, your wrinkles won’t be eliminated completely.


5. It Feels Smoother

Alongside improving its appearance, your skin will also feel much smoother and firmer than it did before your treatment.



Where Can I Have Red Light Therapy?

Because Red Light Therapy has a low operating cost, it’s widely available in places such as:

  • Gyms
  • Tanning salons
  • Wellness centres
  • Day spas
  • Saunas
  • Dermatology clinics

And it comes in a variety of options, such as red light lamps, full-body panels (or RLT “beds”), handheld devices or even face masks.

In fact, many companies offer targeted red light devices and masks as a way of healing spots and improving your skin health at home.

Having said that, avoid buying one of these DIY solutions unless the red light frequency is up to effective standards. FYI, 660 nano-metres is known to deliver the best biological response for cosmetic treatments.

Why? Well, this is the quickest amount to be absorbed into the skin.

Although, if you’re unsure about the optimal dose for your specific condition, don’t hesitate to consult a skin professional.


Are There Any Side Effects to Red Light Therapy?

Even though Red Light Therapy may initially seem like a strange concept, the great thing about the process is that it’s completely natural. 

It exposes the skin to levels of light that aren’t harmful, which means there’s no risk of side effects.

That said, overuse of the treatment may cause tissue or cell damage. Similarly, misusing RLT products at home can cause skin defects, burns or eye damage if you fail to protect them during each treatment.

Therefore, use RLT sparingly.


The Takeaway

Rest assured, Red Light Therapy is generally considered a safe and effective anti-ageing treatment if you want to keep your skin healthy, reduce inflammation and improve your facial texture.

However, keep in mind that it may take several treatments before you even begin to notice any differences to your skin.

In fact, there isn’t enough reliable evidence to class RLT as effective in every case.

Because of this, use RLT treatments as a small part of your anti-ageing skincare routine. You could also experiment with different forms to see what ultimately works best for you.


Look out for the next blog post in the “Cutting-Edge Anti-Ageing Trends” series, “Part 2: Anti-Ageing Sauna Benefits,” coming very soon!