Marine Collagen for Healthy Hair

Marine Collagen for Healthy Hair

Marine Collagen Hair

Marine collagen is very beneficial for your body, from your skin to your gut health.

That said, did you know that it’s also great for your hair?

In fact, studies show that high doses of marine collagen can increase your hair growth rate, volume andthickness.


The Benefits of Marine Collagen for Hair 

Let’s dive deeper into each of the positive effects that marine collagen has on your hair.


1.   It Repairs Hair at the Root

First things first, marine collagen plays a key part in strong, healthy hair.

Actually, any type of collagen repairs hair follicles at the root. The job of a hair follicle is to: 

  • Regulate the hair growth cycle
  • Anchor each strand of hair to the skin
  • Keep the bond robust

However, if it doesn’t do its job properly, your hair will become dull, fragile and subject to breakage.

Collagen combats this by surrounding each strand and supporting a healthy environment for hair follicles to grow. This then improves their strength and quality.


2. It Adds Volume

Marine collagen contains a high amount of proline, which is an amino acid that helps to protect the hair.

Essentially, it keeps your hair safe from the damaging effects of the free radicals.

And, truth be told, proline is instrumental in the production of keratin, which is what your body uses to create more hair.

In other words, collagen’s antioxidant properties can effectively increase the volume of your hair to minimise hair loss, breakage and/or thinning tresses.


3. It Improves Texture and Elasticity

Lastly, as well as proline, marine collagen is a rich source of other hair-boosting amino acids like cysteine.

These amino acids are known for improving hair texture, elasticity and strength through increasing keratin production and supporting the scalp.

Marine collagen is also naturally hydrolysed. This is a process that breaks down the protein into smaller peptides and amino acids.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it ensures a higher absorption of these amino acids and, ultimately, accelerated results.


The Takeaway

When you take marine collagen as a supplement, your body will use the amino acids to encourage collagen production. It will also use some of the same amino acids to create keratin.

The outcome is gorgeous, regenerated hair that has strengthened follicles, increased thickness and improved elasticity.