What is PQQ?

What is PQQ?

What is PQQ

Pyrroloquinoline quinone: it may be a bit of a mouthful, but this natural compound is known for its many health benefits.

(And you can just shorten it to PQQ to make life easier!)

Let’s explore why consuming PQQ is growing in popularity, whether it’s through certain foods or as a daily supplement.


What is Pyrroloquinoline Quinone?

First things first, did you know that PQQ is also called methoxatin?

Simply put, it can act as a cofactor or enzyme booster in the Reduction Oxidation process (otherwise known as REDOX). Because of this, PQQ has certain anti-oxidative effects.

PQQ can also increase the number of mitochondria in your cells, which provide them with energy and regulate their metabolism.

Even though PQQ is commonly found in kiwi, green peppers, parsley, papaya and green teas, most people choose to implement it into their diet through supplementation.


5 Major Benefits of PQQ 

There are several benefits you may experience while taking PPQ. That said, the following 5 are the most noteworthy.


1. Increased Energy Levels

Seen as though mitochondria provides energy for your cells, there’s an increase of cellular energy that transfers to other parts of your body.

Actually, one study found that the participants who struggled with lethargy throughout the day noticed a decrease in fatigue once they took PQQ.

That is to say, your overall energy levels and stamina can significantly improve.


2. Improved Sleep Quality

As well as increased energy levels, the same study mentioned above found that participants were able to sleep better after taking PQQ for eight weeks.

Essentially, it works by reducing the stress hormone called cortisol that tends to interrupt your usual sleep pattern.


3. Better Memory

Given that PQQ provides stress reduction, other researchers have found that there are also improvements in memory function

In fact, a combination of PQQ and CoQ10 can lead to memory enhancement and cognitive health. (Coenzyme 10 is a similar supplement that can protect cells from damage and boost metabolism.)

If you take one without the other, you may miss out on the full benefits of taking both.


4. Improved Brain Function

Alongside cognitive health, PQQ can be linked to enhanced brain function.

How? Well, PQQ interacts with cellular pathways, which positively impacts nerve growth factors. 

To break it down for you, this leads to enhanced development of neuronal nerves and cells in the cranial tissues, which is why PQQ supplements are sometimes prescribed to treat age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.


5. Reduced Signs of Ageing

Lastly, PQQ is widely recognised for its high antioxidant properties.

As a result, it fights oxidation stress, inflammation and signs of ageing. These signs of ageing include wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, blotchiness and dullness.

In other words, taking PQQ can make your skin look smoother, tighter, brighter and ultimately younger.


The Takeaway

If you’re struggling with low energy levels, a lack of sleep, poor memory, brain fog or signs of ageing, it’s a good idea to include PQQ in your diet.

Whether you eat more foods containing PQQ or take a daily supplement, keep in mind that only a small dose is needed to start seeing results.