5 Benefits of Using Marine Collagen

5 Benefits of Using Marine Collagen

CGN Marine Collagen

So, you’ve heard the hype around marine and fish collagen. But what does it actually do?

Let’s delve into these five health benefits of marine collagen, scope out its advantages and find out a little more about our own flagship collagen protein product.

Improves skin health and its appearance

Collagen production weakens with age leading to poor skin health. Marine collagen strengthens and invigorates your skin’s look by helping to restore its elasticity.

This isn’t just regular old protein; its collagen protein produced from fish skin that substantiates the outer layers of human skin, giving it a younger, newer look and feel.

Hydration and anti-wrinkle benefits have also been widely proven to be positive trade-offs of routine marine collagen consumption.

Great protection from its anti-oxidant properties

You’ll find multiple amino acids in marine collagen products; proline, hydroxyproline, glycine and lysine. These can work as a barrier to protect your body from harmful cell damage influencing a range of internal and external aging and health problems.

Marine collagen also fights against the damage caused by excess exposure to UV light.

Aids bone development

Marine collagen also promotes better bone growth through advanced mineral integration. It’s also known to impact the size and density of certain bones aiding growth and shape.

Strengthens bones

Marine collagen supplementation contributes to the structure and quality of your bones. A daily dose can change and improve the strength of your bones significantly, providing them with a variety of nutrition recommended for preventing damage or deterioration when you’re older.

Enhances protein absorption and overall composition

Protein is an incredible source of complete health goodness. Adequate intake provides an array of body benefits, including achieving lean muscle mass, repairing intensely stressed muscle fibres, energising the body and immune system support.

Marine collagen or fish collagen protein contributes in the same way towards all these health benefits. It’s ideal for both aging bodies and athletes looking to maximise their exercise potential in terms of strength and recovery.

Its powerful blend of amino acids and pure, zero-fat protein provides bodies with the foundational support required to push back aging while promoting protein synthesis.

THEAGEHACK CGN – Marine Collagen Supplement

Introducing THE AGE HACKS’s very own marine collagen supplement!

Tackle early signs of aging with a 100% pure marine collagen product. THE AGE HACK’s CGN has been known to:

 Enhance and strengthen skin presentation and tone
 Reinforce nail, hair and bone strength
 Rejuvenate a dull, fraying and weakened hair appearance
 Enrich skin harshly weathered by the sun.

Check it out on our Products page for further information.