Cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes & How to Fix Them

Cause of Dark Circles Under Eyes & How to Fix Them

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Not much reveals the true state of your wellbeing, like dark circles under the eyes. The good news is, there are a few things you can do to help eliminate them, having you looking your actual age again.

Let’s take a look at five ways or lifestyle changes you can easily make to reduce the opportunities for those blotchy, black smudges to cling to your face.

Get more sleep

While it’s always been easier said than achieved, hitting the sack earlier in an attempt to snap up a solid eight hours or more can do wonders for your entire appearance, let alone your facial skin.

A consistent lack of Z’s will almost certainly either produce dark circles or worsen existing ones, making them even more of a challenge to get rid of.

Up your Vitamin C intake

If you’re not a regular Vitamin C user, now’s the time to start. Vitamin C can aid the production of collagen in the body, which under the eyes, promotes the reduction of blood stasis.

This is what can contribute to staining the underside of your eyes, turning them dark and heavy.

Get into a routine of taking a generous daily dose of Vitamin C and monitor the difference over a few weeks.

Limit your sun exposure

Protecting your face from the sun has always been crucial; however UV rays are known to also impact those under-eye areas. In addition, excessive sunlight exposure can worsen those dark rings, so stay shaded, hydrated and use sunscreen and hats where possible.

Start using retinoid creams.

Retinoid creams also contain collagen that’ll help alleviate those dark-toned patches. These creams are often laden with Vitamin A and reduce the skin’s melanin content assisting with restoring your skin’s natural colour.

Retinoid creams may not be suitable for everyone, though. It’s always a good idea to consult a doctor before testing out new cosmetics.

The old teabags and cucumber trick.

Slicing up a cucumber or preparing teabags to press upon the eyes is a remedy that’s been around forever.

While there’s a lack of evidence supporting how the properties of the two influence the effects of dark circles, their cold temperatures should still help reduce swelling.

The caffeine in the teabags may also be responsible for increasing blood flow around the eyes and limiting the appearance of dark rings.

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