Marine Collagen: The Science and How It Works

Marine Collagen: The Science and How It Works

Marine Collagen The Age Hack

In a nutshell, think of collagen as the adhesive that holds us together.

Bones, muscle tissue and skin all rely on healthy collagen to keep us, well, human. It’s also a vital part of hair, nail and skin health, helping everything stay tight, strong and full of nutrition.

Although collagen production deteriorates alongside age, it’s not all doom and gloom just yet.

Let’s learn a bit about marine collagen and how we can try to sustain those youthful levels while we grey and wrinkle!

Marine Collagen Explained – What is it?

It’s essentially a collagen supplement that’s obtained from fish skin. Unused fish skin from farmed and wild species can be transformed into marine collagen-based dietary products.

Utilising the skin from both ensures one source is never fully exhausted or threatened.

Marine collagen comes in both powder and liquid form, with neither really being a more effective or superior type. Powdered marine collagen supplements are mixable with water, while those preferring a liquid does also have a convenient available option.

Why do our bodies thrive on marine collagen?

As natural collagen production dwindles, it can be difficult for our bodies to restore. Marine collagen supplements support and up your intake providing a range of skin, hair, bones, muscle and joint health benefits.

Marine collagen aids skin presentation, bone health and promotes nail and hair strength in people at all life stages.

How it works

Marine Collagen is ingested and begins to improve skin health through its deepest layers. The skin utilises marine collagen’s amino acids to promote the initiation of new production.

Hydrolysation turns the fish skin into small peptides, allowing the body to absorb the collagen more efficiently.

Marine collagen works on consistency. It’s recommended daily use as skipping a few days will see your body’s natural levels revert to low, undesirable quantities.

Marine Collagen – Are experts onboard?

While it’s clear numerous benefits are associated with marine collagen, it always great to hear experts shed some light on the subject.

A number of health professionals and scientists have conveyed positive, research-backed opinions on the benefits of marine collagen, confirming many of the claims made by supplement manufacturers.

There are dermatologists, scientists and even beauty experts out there all recommending marine collagen as a safe and promising skin, hair, bone and nail healthy booster.

The back end of our 20’s sees our natural collagen production begin its slow, screeching halt. The key lies within collagen supplementation to help decelerate the aging process keeping us looking and feeling a little younger for a little longer.

Try it out for yourself today!